imageI have been thinking about starting a blog for a while now. It took hearing Jeremy Vine interview someone about blogging and how big it’s getting to give me the push.

My name is Claudia and I am a stay at home mum with two little angels, Kieran, 4 and Ailsa, 3 to keep me busy. I have a degree in Fine Art specialising in sculpture, however I haven’t used my sculpture skills much since graduating. I mostly worked in customer service, hospitality and tourism before leaving work altogether to spend my time with the little people. I guess I see myself as being in a unique position to follow a new career path.

I’ve always known that there was ‘something’ out there for me that was creative and that I could truly love doing but that would also pay the bills. It took me until February 2015, fifteen years after graduating, to finally find that ‘something’. I’d been interested in up-cycling (of pretty much anything) for years and had dipped in and out of various crafts. In fact, I can’t actually remember the point at which I decided to move towards upholstery (I blame motherhood for that, my memory took a bit of a hit) but I knew that it was my ‘something’, about half an hour into my first project.

In this blog I am hoping to chronicle my journey from the point of discovering my ‘something’ to (hopefully) being able to do upholstery everyday and to make some money out of it too. I will have to back track a wee bit as at this point I have been going to classes for a year and a half and have lots of projects and experiences to talk about. I am under a wee bit of pressure, as in two years, Ailsa will start school and I think the expectation is that I should be bringing in a reasonable wage – yikes!! Wish me luck 🙂