Going Traditional

My first chance at doing some traditional upholstery was given to me (again) by my lovely friend Lisa.  She had inherited several chairs from her Nana (see What a lotta Louis) and this one had to be reupholstered from scratch as the stuffing was pretty old and flat.

imageSo, after stripping the dusty fabric and removing the innards, off we went to Blue Flamingo to learn some new stuff……get it….stuff……

Anyway, at this point I don’t think I had yet developed a true appreciation of just how much work goes into the traditional reupholstering of a chair.  And the two chairs featured here are tiny compared with some of the pieces that it is possible to reupholster, such as chesterfield sofas and such like.  My eyes were definitely opened on this project and so was my heart.  I think I am a little bit in love with this process.  The building up of the layers and the possibility for such precision stitching makes it almost a crime to cover it up.  Not that my work is an art form but I hope it will be at some point!

Progress is slow but not because I am slow but because I only get 3 hours at this a week which is SO frustrating.  It makes me want to scream because I love it so much but at home there is just. no. time.  Anyway, I think that discussion could fill another blog entirely.

So I went on to learn about bridle ties, stuffing, stitching, got sore hands from the button thread and nearly poked myself in the face with the extremely long, double ended needle on several occasions.

Luckily, I managed to get through the process with my hands and face intact (I think I might have to invest in some safety goggles).  The most difficult part of the process was having to wait from one week to the next to work on the chair.  However, my patience paid off and the chair is now in the hands of its new (4 year old) owner.


Now I need to find myself another traditional chair to reupholster.  The hunt is on!



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